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Marie Paule


The heart has its reasons that reason does not know



Marie-Paule Blouin

The way of life

Since childhood a desire for freedom lives in her and from the age of 17, life led her to leave the family nest to go to work 100km from her home. Loneliness and suffering began to be experienced. Very quickly a force in her guided her towards life choices, which led her to divorce, to change jobs several times, to leave France, to listen to spiritual masters, Buddhists, shamans and others, to experience awareness - raising practices.

Finally to realize that the priority in life is the AWAKENING AND THE REALIZATION OF THE SELF.


For more than 25 years, there has been a training in different practices (Massage, foot Reflexology, Reïki, Kinesiology) , which allows her today to transmit her experience to others by offering holistic care for all levels of being (body/mind/emotions).

Of course, by being permanently centered on this inner liberation, perceptions have developed in her in order to contribute as closely as possible to the evolution of the beings who come for a consultation.

A passion for the root causes of stress, which go through genealogical history and cellular memories or past lives allows her today to offer a wonderful toolbox.


Until the day when it was realized that all this is proposed to live better as the person we believe to be. Of course, we are talking here about a stage of evolution.


To be deeply connected to the energy of there heart, in its natural spontaneity is free from any identification with the person that we believe to be.


"Heart stays" are offered to those who wish to focus on the truth of what is.


Delighted and happy to be able to share with you the beauty and richness of the energy of the heart.

Spiritual Teachings


Spiritual Teachings

The Masters


Life led me to discover the Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen teachings transmitted by the lineage of Dudjom Rinpoche. 

When I heard that we are all Buddha Nature, there was a tremendous relief in my heart.

I had been practicing creative visualization (Shakti Gawain) and positive thinking (Louise Hay) techniques for years to regain my confidence in the person I thought I was at the time and felt so lost. There was no awareness of the Consciousness-Presence called God Buddha That Which Is. 

When this discovery of Being that was made, there was an intense need to follow the listening of the teachings that were so precious and a vital accompaniment of every moment.

The visceral need to remain Free has always vibrated in my cells. This is why at no time was it chosen to enter a sangha to follow formal practices and be bound by spiritual or other constraints. It was the same for the different traditions I approached.

That is why this path was traveled in a form of chosen solitude.

Then the discovery of Osho's books was another trigger because in the multiple written retranscriptions of Osho's oral teachings there was a connection with this "rebellious" way of speaking about the TRUTH free of any religious, scientific, philosophical or intellectual attachment.

To follow the Masters "recognized as having realized the Nature of their Spirit" was essential in my heart.

Life continued to guide me to the Advaita Vedanta teachings through the wonderful transmissions of Mooji and those Masters Papaji and Sri Ramana Maharshi. 

As luck would have it, for many years I had been reading "I AM" by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj in my library, which I had hardly touched in the past.

Then the time came to discover GANGA MIRA, thanks to the association Eveil de Conscience organized by Philippe Eknat in Paris.

In the same lineage as Mooji, Ganga proposes a radical teaching which was dazzling for Marie Paule's mind. Then Didier Weiss, inspired in particular by the teachings of Ramesh Balsekar, is a precious support thanks to his precision.

Finally, I thank with all my Heart this New Generation of Realized Beings free of any lineage in particular and who transmit this knowledge in the Joy and the simplicity of the heart Pierre Léré Guillemet and Gérald, Nassrine Reza, Suyin Lamour, Dan Speerschneider, José Leroy, Marion and Gérard, Ginette Forget, Julie Ann, Betty, Caroline Branco and I do not know who.

The Other Teachings

  • Vipassana Meditation: This 10-day practice of silence as transmitted by Gautama Buddha is a powerful evolutionary process that was very profound in the experience of the discovery of inner non silence.
  • Transmission of the Emerald Tables teaching by Chamane Luma in Quebec. This special transmission came my way as life brought me to be a "crystal skulls" keeper, and guided me to Luma in this very initiating energy of skulls.
  • Two crystal skulls came into my life consecutively without my being prepared or even informed about it, which brought me strong experiences and made me travel to Costa Rica and Quebec.
  • Transmission of Shamanic teaching Nicole Perla de Rocio Abuela Maka Ha in San José Costa Rica. 
  • Transmission teaching of Amazonian Shaman Arutam Ruymán through the wisdom of plants on the Island of Lanzarote.


Training and ExperiencES


  • Energetic Massage with essential oils and Foot Reflexology (training on the islands of Lanzarote and Gran Canaria).
  • Reïki Traditional Usui Method (all levels - Gran Canaria and Paris).
  • Kinesiology (EKMA PARIS school).
  • Fasting and hiking(Gisberg and Gertrud Bölling Pioneers in France in the 1970s). A real passion integrated for more than 15 years in Marie-Paule's cells and being part of her natural life hygiene. 
  • Agua-Energy (following the lemniskape or 8 of the infinite). Practising Aqua-gym for more than 30 years, Marie Paule has created her own technique based on the knowledge of kinesiology.