Consultations Body-Mind-Emotions

It is understood that these consultations are aimed at those who are on the stage of unseen beliefs in the "person" they believe they are. This allows a relaxation a space of tranquility to SEE.


The different practices here will help to feel more relaxed, at all levels of the person, which is an opening for a more focused ATTENTION on the reality of this "I Am" of which the sages of Advaïta in others speak.


Non-duality brings us to an observation of the reality of WHAT IS, free from any identification with a person. It can be suggested without the need for therapies. Which, in no way, prevents us from being manifested as a living human being, a character with a name, etc.

All face-to-face sessions, including chakra harmonization with herbs and moxibustion,


On the physical level

Plantar Reflexology and Energetic Massage of the back, neck with essential oils.

On the biochemical level

Protocol in Kinesiology Food Test including lactose and gluten intolerance. Floral elixirs, minerals and natural supplements.

On the mental and emotional level

Stress Release Test Protocol in Kinesiology.

Release of root memories, causes with genealogical information if it appears according to the vibrations of the present.


On the spiritual level

Reiki Usui (all levels).


Aura 5D reading (following Sarah Diane Pommerleau's method)

telephone consultations

 For those invested in the deep desire to evolve in Consciousness and to follow their heart.

Non Dual Investigation.

Tarot Readings

Discover your true Being with the Reading of the Consciousness tarot (Tarot Osho, Zen, Tao, Marseille).

It is not a question of clairvoyance for the person but of highlighting what must be made aware.


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